So Exactly Where Are You?

The DeliveryDemon is surprised how few hotels understand how people find them – physically, that is, not on the web. Many other public venues suffer from the same problem.

Let’s face it, once the customer finds details of a location on the web and makes the necessary bookings and payments, it’s still necessary to transport the physical body to the desired venue. It may be possible to delegate the responsibility to a taxi driver or even a chauffeur, but more often there’s a need to drive, or walk from the nearest public transport.

It’s fairly common to find directions on a website, though some directions suffer from the problem of only being meaningful to those who already know the area. Anyway, directions like that are yesterday’s solution. Today’s traveller uses satnav, to drive and, via a smartphone, to get walking directions. And what’s the shortest piece of information these devices need to generate directions? The postcode.

It’s not uncommon for organisations to discourage snailmail by hiding address details on obscure pages of their websites. And even when the address is found, the postcode is not always useful. It may be that the organisation has a mailing address whose postcode refers to a postal arrangement rather than a physical location. And some larger locations may be covered by multiple postcodes, as the DeliveryDemon realised recently, staring across a muddy field and high fence at the roof of her hotel.

It would be so simple for organisations to deliver directions by including on the location page of their websites ‘Enter the following postcode in your satnav to find us’. The DeliveryDemon wonders how long it will be before there is widespread awareness of this interface between the web and the physical world.


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