Delivering You To Your Destination

The DeliveryDemon despairs!! All she wants to do is renew a passport, using the Post Office Check and Send service. It can’t be done at the local post office, which means travelling elsewhere. So she clicked on ‘View Map’ on the branch finder page of the PO’s website.

Surprise, surprise, up came a map, along with some detailed directions. Not unsurprisingly, the DeliveryDemon already knows how to get from her village to the small town where the post office is sited. She also knows that the entire road system there is in total chaos due to widespread roadworks, so she wants to identify the post office location and a couple of likely parking options. For that she needs the map.

So what does the website deliver? An extract from the 1:25,000 Ordnance Survey which cannot be zoomed, except in one step to a scale which is too large to see the location in context. There’s no pan option at all, and no layers of useful information like parking. In other words, the site pays lip service to providing a map while giving no consideration to the various ways in which the map might be used in order to get useful directions.

If they can’t deliver something useful, why do they bother?


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