#Orange Can Only Deliver Wireless Over a Wired Connection

August 31, 2011

The DeliveryDemon is becoming increasingly annoyed with Orange’s inability to deliver the broadband service she is paying for. At signup time Orange were claiming a minimum of 4 Mbps speed and an expected speed of 8 Mbps. With stunning regularity Orange fail to deliver anything like the promised speed, dropping as low as 0.1 Mbps.

Not surprisingly the call centre is dire, with operators incapable of accessing Orange’s own systems. When they do they deny the existence of a problem, or claim it is the fault of a (non-existent) microwave on the property. Their solution is invariably to demand that I set up a wired connection.

Most UK broadband speed claims seem to be fraudulent these days, but Orange seems to lead the field in both non-delivery and call centre uselessness.