Delivering Dietary Confusion

June 15, 2016

The DeliveryDemon has reached the conclusion that the worst thing anyone can do for their health is pay attention to the dietary recommendations from governments, the press, organisations with something to sell, and people with pet theories.

Just for the hell of it (being a Demon), she has decided to keep a list of all the foods reported as wonderful, along with a list of all the foods reported as evil. To keep things simple, there will only be one list, with items being tagged as good, bad or both, and it will grow for as long as the DeliveryDemon bothers to keep it updated. It’s not scientific so it won’t link to information sources. It’s just the DeliveryDemon up to her usual habit aof calling BS when she sees it.

Coffee                     Wonderful / evil

Herbal teas            Wonderful / evil

Fats                          Wonderful / evil

Meat                         Wonderful / evil

Alcohol                    Wonderful / evil

Eggs                          Wonderful / evil

Chocolate                Wonderful / evil

Carbs                         Wondeful / evil

Blueberries              Wonderful

To be continued………