About the DeliveryDemon

The DeliveryDemon is, at heart, a project manager, and project managers like to deliver results, predictably and without fuss. The principles used to deliver projects can be applied just as effectively to deliver almost anything else. Despite all the jargon, project delivery is based on common sense, an extremely useful commodity in all walks of life. The DeliveryDemon is in favour of common sense.

For a few years now the DeliveryDemon has been looking at a range of projects, particularly failing ones. This is not schadenfreude. The DeliveryDemon has been working on a method which takes project logic into a wider business arena, and analysis of failing projects helps to round out that method. And blogging helps by making the DeliveryDemon keep looking for more examples in order to have something to blog about.

When not being a project manager or blogging, the DeliveryDemon can usually be found in the great outdoors, miles from the nearest Gantt chart.

One Response to About the DeliveryDemon

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

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